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The Queensland Afghan Community Association (QACA) is not-for-profit organisation aiming to strengthen social cohesion among Afghans in Queensland. We are dedicated to supporting newly-arrived Afghans, helping them to settle, and become useful members of the Australian society. As well as this, we have a strong passion for showcasing our culture, values and traditions to the wider Australian community.   ​​

We do this through organising social and educational events, encouraging the wider Australian community to get involved, making programs for Afghan youth (Dari school) and providing information and well-needed support to the newly arrived Afghan refugees and migrants. Our work is made possible by the support of generous Australians, and we work hard to make sure all resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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QACA is a registered charity with the ACNC. You may visit the charity register listing. 

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We believe in equality, fairness, and opportunity for the Afghan people in Queensland.

Our Mission

Bringing the Afghan community together, and supporting those newly-arrived to properly settle and prosper in Australia. Our mission is to create positive changes.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The QACA Management team is very passionate about supporting Afghans, and providing a space for issues to be discussed, and projects to be developed. 

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