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Mashal-e Irfan School

Image: teachers, parents and students of the Mashal-e Irfan School.

Having the skill of speaking another language has never been more important. Languages allow you to connect with people, understand the underlying cultural values, and at the same time helps in business and career prospects as well. The students of the Mashal-e Irfan Dari School, with the help and guidance from their teachers, are developing this skill with girls and boys of different ages enjoying to write, read and speak in Dari.

This school was founded to educate the youth in Queensland, to preserve Afghan culture and teach them the language of Dari. 

The school has long been aiming to establish Pashto classes, and now with the availability of teachers and resources, it has been achieved.

Click the link to enrol your child and see the benefits.


​The school is run one day a week, due to regular schooling of students, and other commitments of teachers. Holidays are in line with normal school holiday dates in Queensland. 


  • Location: Mabel Park State High School, 72 -116 Paradise Road, Slacks Creek.

  • When: Every Saturday (in line with term dates) 

  • Time: 9:30am - 1pm

  • Contact: OR 04 5759 9731

Mrs Aquila Watanpal
Mrs Mudabera Popal
Principal, Teacher  

Other Services:

Afghan House

The Afghan Community House is an ongoing project, and provides a space that caters for the needs of the community.

Business Services

If you have a business that you would like to be advertised on the QACA Website, follow the link.

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